I Wayan Sujana Suklu


Choice of used novels + black ink, as they are easily expressed to represent psychic experiences. Black color tests honesty, accuracy and straightforwardness is needed when scratched. Used novels are attached to history, from the writings of the manuscripts (writers), publishers, graphic artists, and the reader accumulate four entities. Then the black strokes on each sheet of the novel’s paper complete the five entities.

Honesty, accuracy, straightforwardness, and connectedness are the foundations for the concept of creation. With black strokes are achieved the shapes of Erebos (shadows) to represent the psychic accumulation after a month of living at home (March-April). Erebos is an association of representations of the threshold of awareness and awareness that are expressed daily. The letters, the words, above the novel give intuitive impulses to the composition of the Erebos form.

A month of staying at home, contemplative all day long, to the point of contemplating a psychic state that has gone through shocks instead of contemplating. Erebos’ form is an iconic human sitting cross-legged among the pulsating natural forms.

In this exhibition, I chose 5 works in April as a riftik sequence full of meaning, I actually wrote hundreds of pictures in April. (The work for March-April-May has been written and can be read on the link: http://repo.isi.ac.id/3722/ (SULUR-SULUR VISUAL MASA PANDEMI)

2020 – I Wayan Sujana Suklu

Lecturer – ISI Denpasar, Indonesia